Failing from the start

It took me a while to decide what to call this blog, but based on my pre-travel preparations and day one of my trip, it’s most likely going to be a catalogue of errors and serious fuck-ups, so ‘how not to travel the world’ seems quite fitting.

My number one tip when planning an around the world trip would probably be not to book your flights then two weeks later meet a hot boy (or girl) who will completely change everything and make you wish you didn’t have to leave.

This will only end one way – a horrendous airport goodbye and enough crying for airport staff to think you’re having a minor breakdown. When the security guys hug you instead of frisking you, you know you’re a mess.

I’d also recommend setting your alarm on the day of your flight to ‘loud’. Leaving it on vibrate and putting it on top of a pile of clothes isn’t the best idea, unless you want the added excitement of being an hour late leaving for the airport and seriously risking missing your flight.

On the same note, being unable to say goodbye and not wanting to leave can mean having to actually run to the departure gate because boarding is closing in five minutes, again only really ideal for serious adrenaline seekers.

When preparing for your trip, having some sort of travel cash card (I used STA) in addition to your credit or debit card is definitely a good idea.

Less of a good idea is accidentally throwing it away the day before you leave, a situation which can only be fixed by an amazing housemate willing to dig through bags of rubbish to find it and bring it to you.

So that’s everything that’s not gone quite to plan so far, which considering I’m still on day one I think is quite good going. Hopefully it will improve from here on, but given my next step is heading south in Thailand to a full moon party, I have my doubts…


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