Unlucky in Laos

I know I have been a bit slow on the updates recently, but I have been busy, not just slacking…

After the success of a great week in Chiang Mai, I knew I was overdue some bad luck.

So it was after two days in Luang Prabang, Laos, which included a visit to one of the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve seen, sunrise yoga and amazingly cheap all you can eat night market food, I headed to Vang Vieng with the early signs of travellers sickness.

Everyone gets travellers’ sickness, so I wasn’t really too bothered, although it’s not ideal when you’re spending the whole day on a bus (which incidentally had to make an unplanned stop when it ripped the roof off of a house).

The next day I had been planning to go tubing, the activity Vang Vieng has become notorious for, but I felt far too ill.

I don’t want to go into too much detail about my sickness, but lets just say it was significantly bad enough that I felt a trip to the hospital was necessary.

Laos hospitals are not exactly known for their high standards, and the one in Vang Vieng didn’t let me down. I was prescribed some nice expensive medicine, which it turned out was a Chinese herbal remedy used to treat dysentary. Thanks doc!

From the medicine prescribed and the symptoms, I figured out I was most likely bleeding from my stomach, and that was why I was getting crippling cramps.

I didn’t want to sit around doing nothing, so I decided to go with two of the guys from my hostel to cycle to the Blue Lagoon.

It was a joyous cycle, 7km (yeah, right) of rocky dirt track that even the sporting boys were swearing they would never go near again in their lives.

The lagoon itself was nice, and we spent the afternoon there without me feeling too horrendous.

The next day however and my sickness was back in full force, and I had a dilemma. I still couldn’t go tubing, so I wanted to go to the 4,000 Islands, but that would not only mean a long bus journey but also being even further from any decent medical care should I get worse.

After chatting to a friend at the hostel, I decided to join him in booking a flight to Hanoi for three days later instead, hoping that would be enough time to recover.

Luckily the following day I was perking up a bit, and managed to go out tubing. I didn’t do the full on getting wasted experience, but it was still incredibly fun and worth staying in Vang Vieng a few extra days.

I’m still a little sad I didn’t make it to 4,000 islands, but I’m now in Hanoi, Vietnam, which for the most part has been treating me well. Updates on everything I’m doing here to follow soon!


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