(Belated) Merry Christmas in Byron and Happy New Year from Surfer

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder – hoping that’s the case with how long it’s been since you’ve read a blog from me!

I’ve been super busy, sitting on beautiful beaches all day really takes it out of you… Seriously though, I have been doing a lot since my last update, so I thought I’d talk about the weirdest Christmas and New Year I think I’m likely to have for a while.

I arrived in Byron Bay on Christmas Eve, and immediately started to panic about how I was going to spend Christmas Day. I love Christmas and was gutted to be missing it at home, but luckily my amazing boy gave me an early Christmas back in September, so I didn’t completely miss out on the Christmas jumpers, epic amounts of food and opening of presents.

Along with a group of new friends from Germany, Austria and Norway, I embraced the Aussie way and celebrated with a picnic on the beach, 4 litres of ice cream between 4 people, and a USA v Rest of the World game of flip cup, which ended with my roommate ‘Captain Goon’ passing out and throwing up all over our floor. Merry Christmas!

For New Year’s Eve I was lucky to get to celebrate Kernow-style, as my lovely friends from home Sy and Char out me up in their apartment in Surfers Paradise.

I joined them and their friends to watch fireworks and eat cheese, house party, watch more fireworks and party some more, and had possibly the cheapest NYE ever spending just $11 on wine and sparkling wine to last all night.

Since then I’ve carried on up the coast and been to lots more fun places, with koala cuddles and watersports and island trips, all to be updated on soon!

Also I should add that I’m putting all my photos on Facebook so you can also check out what I’ve been up to there. Lovely!


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