Important lessons learned in LA

Having never been to America before I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but three days in LA has taught me a few key things which anyone else travelling there might like to know.

  • US airport customs officers don’t really like it when you try and cuddle their sniffer dogs
  • There is an exceptionally high number of sick people in LA, if the number smoking weed for ‘medicinal purposes’ is anything to go by

  • Willy Wonka is the friendliest of the Johnny Depps
  • Standing at the front of a crowd will lead to potentially embarrassing audience participation

  • No matter how much of a holiday tan I might think I have, when stood next to  black girl and a latin girl I’m still ‘milk of magnesia’
  • People moving to LA to ‘make it’ is not a cliche. Actors, singers, screenwriters – all about to hit the big time for sure, but just hanging out at a $30 a night hostel to keep it real

  • Tourists really do go crazy for a glimpse of Jack Nichlson’s tennis court from a mile away or Bruno Mars’ dustbins
  • I actually ❤ LA

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